Cétieu – Into The Light (EP, Twice Removed, 2015)


Halfway between the drone and noise focused técieu project and the dub techno explorations of éctieu, cétieu finds Tekla Mrozowicka exploring the middleground in many ways, dabbling in ambient and minimal acoustic instrumental music, with a particular focus on the piano in her latest limited edition EP Into The Light. It’s a sonically tight and barely there record, its three tracks taking a mere 10 minutes of our time to lay out their shimmering, tinkling excursions, slowly padding out its delicate walls with the lightest hint of piano and floating drone lines.

2 minute opener “The Morning” is a sweet little introductory element in this short three part affair; opening on mirage-like piano twinklings with a certain irregularity and initial chaos to their presentation, it then proceeds to settle these aimless yet lighthearted movements into refinement before fading out, somehow managing to squeeze the entire premise of wakefulness and the shimmering hope of the proceeding day into its short span. It, much like the entire record, is surprisingly refreshing, as light and delicate and sparkly as a fine new Spring morning. It moves swiftly on into the title track, a somewhat longer effort that finds the same idiosyncratic piano notes creeping out of the dark but finding an additional sense of space and distance this time, as though we’ve caught ourselves in a sudden and discernible darkness in the flatly echoic drones that surround us, our attention slipping and losing sight of that optimism found in the opener.

Soon enough we find ourselves faced with the closer, perhaps all too soon. “In The Name of God” is longer still and finds itself even further ensconced in subdued drones and muted piano, those previously glimmering lines now slipping slowly into drone smears and brief field recording excursions, these haunting introspections finding themselves alongside the gentle dribble of a fountain and the soft cries of birdsong as we lose ourselves in thought, the entire track slowly slipping away like sand in an hourglass, fading out into black. It’s difficult to fault since it barely seems to make it onto any sort of radar before the entire record is over, but it is a pleasant and thoughtful experience in the short time we have it for, like a little crystalline shard of memory.