If you’re an artist, label or just an interested party and you have some content, new or old, that you think would match the “taste” of the site then please do drop me (Chris) an email at the address below, noting the following:

  • Due to time constraints, most emails wont be answered. I’m sorry this is the case and I respect the effort that goes into sending out submissions but I don’t have the capacity. Please know I do read most all of them and I do invest listening time so it’s not without purpose.
  • Bandcamp download codes and full album zips are the best way to send me content. 320kbps MP3s are the ideal format; please make sure everything is correctly tagged beforehand. Please do not send me WAVs unless there is no other option. Private streams on Soundcloud or similar are fine too.
  • I do not run HearFeel as a platform to “promote” music, so bear this in mind and set expectations before sending me any material.
  • DO NOT send me singles: these WILL NEVER BE COVERED and almost certainly WILL NOT BE LISTENED TO. I apologise for being emphatic about this but I simply delete these emails, it is a waste of time for both of us
  • Please DO NOT send me music videos for the above reasons

Assuming you’ve read the above, I am contactable at [email protected]

2 thoughts on “Submissions

    • Hi Colin, sorry for not replying to this sooner! Sadly no I won’t be, I don’t think it’d be fair to do one for 2022 as I just didn’t listen to enough new music across the year to do so. I’ve felt the end of year roundup to be petering out for me these last two or three years and I’m falling further out of the loop, finding it harder to keep up. I know people like them as a concise list but at this point if you just take a read of any of the records I covered from 2022 (here) you can consider that your list of recommendations from me:)


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