Tomorrow’s Harvest – Live Stream Commentary

Ok, so, there are 9 minutes to go before the BoC stream goes live and I’m going to attempt to give something of a running commentary as it goes along. I have the track listing up so I’ll attempt to run with that, provided the track changes aren’t seamless or whatever.

1 minute to go and I’m starting to realise how tired I am; havent slept for 30 hours 🙁

Apologies in advance for any grammatical inconsistencies

OH, here we go. Why is nothing happening?!



Ok so we open to some synth strings, sounds kinda nice/eerie

Oh wow, ok, some syncopated synths coming in proper now. Dat stereo sound.

Suitably creepy, I like it. Some real rhythms starting to come through now, still sounds a bit distal/faded around the edges. Radio static in the background

Reach For The Dead

Seguing into the next track now? Seems to have faded out. Yep, back now to the already released single. I love this track. Love the percussion in this.

Intro is quite determined and deliberately hard hitting, moves into a more drone dominated phase that has a sort of chilling beauty. It’s almost vocal, like, processed vocals.

Electronic beats coming to a crescendo now in true IDM style

White Cyclosa


Jacquard Causeway

Ok, 5 minutes later and I’m back. Some people doing some charity gaming shit in my house and leaving literally no bandwidth spare.

Dont think I missed too much, just the end of RFTD/start of White Cyclosa.

Some cool circular beats here, sparkly synths too. Percussion seems to be continuing strong also, as well as being comparatively crisp

Seems to be reaching a crescendo; almost flute like in its delivery these sounds. Really digging this track actually, love the juxtaposition of the strong beats and snares and the wispy, disjointed electronica.


Sounds like BoC with some creepy dude counting up and down, heavily processed of course.

Very low key, short and sweet actually.

Cold Earth

Again seems to be more reminiscent of some of their older stuff, at least at the start with the creeping synth drone.

I suppose it still kinda of is, ala Campfire Headphase days in some ways, but again the crispness of the snares/overall percussion is surprising.

Snippets of a girls voice, disjointed. “ORANGE”, anyone? Naww, shucks

Transmisiones Ferox

Well this one is titled creepily…

Did I just hear 1999 being said? Too much reverb to tell.

Oscillating synths again. It feels really similar to old BoC, those sort of tatty edge electronics vaguely present. Don’t quite get the same sense of future nostalgia from this one so far though

Sick Times

Chat’s going crazy, everyone thinks we’re one different tracks? Not sure how that’s possible. Pretty sure I’m in the right here, otherwise I’m fucked.

Got some classic IDM snares going for this one. Sweet build too. MHTRTC throwback with this one, for sure, although much cleaner. Some vocal spoken word fragments, sounds like they’re underwater they’re so incomprehensible.

WHOA, meaty. Chat saying some Dubstep overtones at the end; have to agree. Got pretty heavy


Simple, repetitive riff, some weird shit going on in the background. Sounds like someone breathing down a mic.

Dunno what to say about this one, seems like a bit of an interlude. Interesting but eh

Palace Posy

Beginning to further question if I’m at the right track, dont really care at this point.

But what the heck is this. Sounds like something you’d march to almost it’s that driven. Quite an abrupt start unless my internet spazzed out.

Almost touching Techno in its sparsity and slow evolution; kinda cool, getting a bit more light-hearted as time goes by. Something that could almost pass for lyrics appearing too now.

Ok, think the chat’s just running  a little slow, on the correct track. Like the energy of this one though, if a bit inelegant.

Split Your Infinities

Return to quasi-ambience again; still surprised at how forceful so many of the tracks are. Solid basslines, careful snares, repetitive synth riffs. That synth drone seems to be the glue holding it all together really.

Weird how it feels so…I don’t know, energetic? Speedy? And yet they manage to make it feel like the tracks are just endless in runtime (in a good way).

Those processed voices are extremely fucking unsettling on this one, especially since the synth is so sparkling on the outro


Everytime I see this track name all I can think is “Urinal”. Hmm.

Seems to have quietened down…a lot.

Minimal electronic buzz, something akin to a house alarm warbling distantly, and very delicate, almost violin-like, synth.

This is absolutely gorgeous, again a really short and sweet track. Could have been plucked right out of Geogaddi

Nothing Is Real

Huh, sounds like a piano has been thrown in the mix; squashed under that lo-fi glaze of course. Pretty decent inclusion really, feels earnest.

More spoken word, feels important this time but I can’t make it out. Loving the simplicity of the tracks though; tricky to pull of creating pieces that are somewhat repetitive with so few elements.

Cheeky bit of birdsong at the end there, nothing like a bit of cliché


Oh shit, we’re getting existential.

Stunning opener though; like a boat, on a lake, at night, still waters.

Distilled ambience, sounds pretty dated actually. Very, very reminiscent of Steve Roach ala Dreamtime Return. Check it out kids.

New Seeds

Uh oh, I don’t like where this is going. Kinda glitchy, kinda poppy almost. Is that electric guitar?

Alright, bassline’s come in now, what’s gonna happen next.

Ok this is unconventional but I’m digging this a lot. Tonnes of textures and rhythms here; sounds fun and bouncy. Not bright but eclectic.

Some orchestral vocals coming into the fore now too; dayum this just keeps going and not getting any less good. Cool. Turning a bit melancholic/nostalgic now actually.

Damn. Again kind of disappointed with how they tackle tracks closing. Nice 60’s vibe to the very faint music at the end there though.

Come To Dust

Ahh, not sure if this one can live up to Sundown now, that was some good shit.

Again, lots of energy in those circular, repetitive backing synths, kinda wish they had some evolution to them in at least one of the tracks. Again that huge bassline anchoring the track down.

Eh, nothing special to see here folks, let’s move along.

Semena Mertvykh

Oh christ it’s almost over nooooooooo

Moody opening, going for the Thomas Koner effect, nice (tonnes of glacial sub-bass FYI)

Yep, still pretty moody. Like the dark atmosphere here though, seems like they finally decided to really create an unsettling atmosphere. Some additional synth elements just helping to back the sound up a little bit here now, gently ushering the track along.

Intelligently crafted I must admit


Well, lol, turns out I’ve messed up somewhere since that’s the end! And here I was thinking I was ahead, turns out I was behind. Possibly messed up White Cyclosa/Jacquard Causeway when my internet went down so, I apologise. Dunno where else I would have messed up. Still, gives a decent enough vague overview of the album even if the tracks are out. If anyone wants me to correct the post I’ll do it, I’m not anal enough to care right now that it’s slightly out 🙂

EDIT: Semena Mertvykh may actually be the bonus Japanese version track that wasn’t aired tonight, so everything should, should be correct here. My mistake, got the alternate track list.

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  1. absolutly gutted i couldn’t listen to it. Website glitched on my, and actually crashed my mac but thats another story probably POBCAC or ID10T error 😉

    • Did you try and watch it via Because the site crashed due to demand. I watched it via the physical Youtube page and it was ok enough

        • That’s not moronic, that’s logical! But yeah, as you say, only a few days left before the real deal 🙂

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