Hanssen – Programme EP (2013)

I really,¬†really¬†do not enjoy writing up electronic dance music albums, I think it goes against the complete point of listening to them, but I felt bad that Hanssen (or at the very least his label) took the time to email me and I wanted to plug his new EP without a review because there are some decent tunes on this thing. Predominantly rooted in Techno and House it blurs the line effortlessly between not only these two distinct genres but also absorbing and replaying elements of Trance and even undercurrents of Acid also. Some early big hitters like the important opener “Azur” bring a somewhat more predictable club-orientated vibe in the thick yet emergent basslines, whilst others later in the admittedly short EP like “Donfeng (Base 20)” spin a much more intelligent tune and evolve slowly and are less reliant on big beats.

The entire EP is available for free from the Pleasure Boat Records Bandcamp page, which you can access here. Alternatively, if you’re too lazy to navigate away from this page you can just listen to the entire EP from the player below: