An Apology & A Search For Recommendations

Hey gang!

I feel really guilty whenever I think about how little I’ve posted in the last month or so; Christmas was really an opportunity for me to collect my thoughts and get rested after a hectic term, shit, after a hectic year, and as such I kinda just resting on my laurels, revisiting 2012 albums and pretty much just sticking to known quantities in my music library rather than really exploring anything new. Ok, I guess I could have written some stuff on something but never really felt motivated to do so. 

But fear not, new content is on its way. Record Rambles will continue in all its shambolic glory with a new video tomorrow of the new Disintegration Loops boxset with hopefully more consistent uploads afterwards. There’ll also be a new written review on Monday with Jefre Cantu-Ledesma’s latest release Speaking Corpse (what do you mean you’ve never heard of him?).

Audience participation time! Think there’s an album I neglected to cover from 2012? Maybe something you enjoyed and/or think I’ll enjoy? Maybe just a random album or artist that you like? Post something in the comments or tweet me @kippysmallsocks with a suggestion. And because I know that no one will respond, the first five requests will get reviewed.

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