The 2012 List

So this is it, the moment you’ve all *cough* been waiting for, the long anticipated Best Albums of 2012 list. It’s been a good year, musically and otherwise, and it’s not been an easy task keeping up with it all and compiling a list that showcases what I think is the best this year has to offer. I still think there’s room for refinement and relistens but it’s too late now, no turning back.

I would like to apologise in advance if your favourite artist has not appeared on this list, but it’s probably down to the following reasons: 1. I can’t listen to everything. 2. I can’t like everything. Everything below is simply an opinion. I’ve put in some additional comments just in case anyone was curious and wanted to check any of the artists/albums out further and Youtube samples are hyperlinked in the album titles (where possible). You can check out my Rate Your Music list for the complete >160 album breakdown.

Thanks for the incredible support this year; 4500 views in 10 months! Let’s try and beat that next year.

1. Dead Can DanceAnastasis

Neo-Classical Darkwave after a 16 year hiatus, and they sound exactly the same as they once did. Devastatingly good

2. 36Lithea

Ambient brilliance built on the last few albums; huge emotional scope

3. Animal CollectiveCentipede Hz

Neo-Psychedelia at its finest, despite what the critics say. A fine return to form for AnCo

4. GrimesVisions

Simplistic, girly, sometimes dark Synth-Pop. Repetitive but oddly compelling

5. BiosphereL’incoronazione Di Poppea

Astounding Renaissance inspired Ambient. Dat harpiscord, dat vibrato

6. Chromatics Kill For Love

Wonderfully cohesive and stripped back Dream/Synth Pop with Italo-Disco hints, but just too long

7. Wild NothingNocturne

Dream Pop with just a hint of Post-Punk to give it some character. Brilliant latter half

8. Karine PolwartTraces

Excellently crafted and emotionally resonant Folk from this Scottish Singer/Songwriter

9. ReptarBody Faucet

Incredibly infectious Indie Pop/Rock. Try to listen without grinning

10. Thomas KonerNovaya Zelmya

Strong historical and geopolitical undercurrents in this stunning new Drone release

11.Saaad – Confluences

Incredible Drone meets Field Recordings; meditative and transportive, yet chilling

12. Dan Deacon – America

Psychedelia with tonnes of orchestral instrumentation and buried lyrics; fascinating

13. Dropxlife – FURTHUR

Downtempo, Prog. Elec./Dub something. Slow moving and bassy as fuck

14. School of Seven Bells – Ghostory

Dream Pop w/ strong Elec. influences; tangent to normal sound but still good

15. Geographer – Myth

Solid Indie Pop record; quite downbeat but strong vocal surges

16. Kyle Bobby Dunn – Bring Me The Head Of Kyle Bobby Dunn

Stunning Ambient in the style of Stars of the Lid. Extremely beautiful 2xLP

17. Celer – Evaporate and Wonder

Incredibly delicate Drone for some quiet and dedicated listening

18. Porcelain Raft – Strange Weekend

Solid Dream Pop; androgynous vocals, some catchy hooks and some serious moments

19. Secede & Kettel – When Can

Late year IDM/Ambient stunner. Tapestry of synths and samples, complex but worthwhile

20. Orbital – Wonky

IDM, Techno and Dub from the masters. Disappointingly “pleb” oriented, not quite so refined

21. Fabio Orsi – The New Year Is Over

Some of this year’s best ambient, and all the way back from January 1st.

22. Carly Rae Jepsen – Kiss

The cutest, most feel good Pop album of this year. Don’t deny me this one guilty pleasure

23. Saltillo – Monocyte

Trip-Hop meets Modern Classical. Incredible instrumentation and literary samples; dark as fuck

24. Alt-J – An Awesome Wave

Unique Indie Folktronica. Novelty does wear off a little bit though over time

25. Mmpsuf – Retina

Beautiful Art Pop/Ambient. Extremely sparse, just beautiful vocals and minimal guitar work

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  1. Interesting list, this might be one of the less commercial/mainstream EoY lists in which I’ve actually heard pretty much all these entries. Glad to see the likes of 36, Geographer, KBD & Saltillo getting a mention.

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